Juan Diego Prieto

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Diego’s interest in body art was initially piqued in his hometown of Bogotá, Colombia, where he began a tattooing apprenticeship as he pursued a degree in graphic design. While enrolled in Pratt Institute’s Master of Fine Arts program, exposure to New York City’s vast array of tattooing styles gave him an itch working with traditional mediums couldn’t scratch. Diego found the conventions of fine art constricting, but his time spent earning his M.F.A. had a significant impact on him as an artist. In particular, his use of intricate details is reminiscent of Baroque painter Anthony van Dyck. Diego’s technique beautifully contrasts his preferred subject matter. He specializes in creating bold body art out of unbridled images, mixing clean black line work and shading with brash colors to produce tattoos with an eye-catching edge.

5 Years Experience
Black Work
Color Work