Joey Rosado

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Joey's tattooing style has developed alongside a lifelong love affair with the art form. The first tattoo he ever saw--a clown tearing through the gut of a Jones Beachgoer--sparked curiosity that quickly developed into a deep passion for body art. Soon after, Joey realized he would never be satisfied unless he made his passion a career. He draws inspiration from a variety of sources, such as contemporary graphic design and graffiti. He counts the work of street artist Greg “Craola” Simkins as a heavy influence in many of his new school style pieces. Like Simkins, Joey specializes in warping iconic images of Americana. Joey has created his own brand of black line work he's dubbed “paint drop design.” This style gives the appearance of wet paint dripping off of traditional images, adding a new dimension to a classic technique. Joey considers himself lucky to be doing what he loves: bringing his innovative tattooing style to the people.

5 Years Experience
Paint Drop Design
Neo Tradational
Color Work
Black Work